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Our vision of making great beer while touting Ohio's colorful history continues with our Cardinal 88 Red Ale. We pay homage to the Scottish 80 Shilling style in this smooth, medium-to-light body, easy-drinking Red Ale. The first sip brings notes of toffee, caramel and graham cracker, finishing with a subtle hint of chocolate that is not too sweet and not too dry. The name of this beer honors Ohio's state bird, the cardinal. Male cardinals are social birds known for their prominent red color and melodic whistling, and unlike other inferior states, Ohio's cardinals are present in all of its 88 counties. Like your typical 17th Statesman, cardinals do not migrate for the winter, instead choosing to stay in their nesting areas to defend their territory. From Williams to Ashtabula and Hamilton to Washington counties, enjoy a Cardinal 88 and stand your craft beer ground for the great, 17th State.

17th State Cardinal 88 Red Ale

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17th State Brewing Company's Cardinal 88 Red Ale
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