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Letter from the President:

            I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about 17th State Brewing Company.  The idea of having my own beer company goes back as far as I can remember.  While the other kids were playing in the sandbox, I was playing in fields of hops wondering if someday I could make my own beer.  As my life progressed I became legal age to consume alcohol and my first sip of beer (again, at age 21 and not a day before.  Promise) confirmed what I had been dreaming about my whole life: I love beer.  I then spent a significant amount of my own time and money to study the beverage from that point forward.  I remember during my college years people would often express to me that I was wearing myself out by going to college full time while at the same time putting all my free time and passion into drinking beer.  There were some tough times when the push and pull between the two got hard.  Professors telling me that I need to commit more time to my studies and quit my hobby.  Beer is telling me that it is only a hobby because I won’t commit to it full time and to stop all that book learning.  I managed to get through it and I dare to say I came out a better man on the other side because of it.  After that putting the two together was only a matter of time.  What amazed me is what happened next.  As I would talk to my associates they would explain to me how much they loved drinking beer.  It was like everybody I hung out with just loved pounding beers on the reg, and this is how 17th State Brewing Company was born.  17th State Brewing Company is a conglomerate of people just like you.  We are a group of friends and family that all got connected in Ohio who wanted to share our love for Ohio and beers.  When you think of the group that you have the most fun drinking beers with, think of the 17th State Brewing Company.  So please enjoy our beers (responsibly) at a frequency that makes you the happiest because as the 17th State goes, so goes the nation.

Kristopher Mackey


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